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Inspired by the Aurora Borealis nature phenomenom.  The Sun’s charged particles collide with the atmosphere to form dazzling streaks of colors, flowing through the sky and radiating their magnificence.



Lorelei, siren of Germanic mythology, which was placed on a rock on the Rhine River and with its song seduced sailors. If you are looking for a unique, different jewel, a jewel that seduces, this collection is yours!



In Greek mythology there was Nemesis, goddess of revenge, as well as Ptonus, goddess of jealousy. However, the Romans decided to unify both personalities to create the myth of a single deity capable of gathering both revenge and jealousy in their being. It's about Envy.



Selene was the personification of the Moon. She is represented as a beautiful young maiden who travels the sky mounted on a silver carriage pulled by two horses or two white cows. In Athens, Selene was associated with plant growth, fertility in women, and animals.